Remmina - keyboard Mapping for non-US keyboard


I'm using a Danish Keyboard to remotely connect to my Raspberry Pi's through Remmina. Remmina is a great tool, but it has a problem. It's not possible to change keyboard layout.

It has been anoying me for long time, but today i finally got time to look deeper into the problem. And i found a solution.

You have to connect to your RPI directly - not by RDP.

1) Go to this page and find a suitable keymap. (I had to pick Norwegian (km-0414.ini), because there is no Danish - but they are almost similar)

2) Download the file and copy it to the /etc/xrdp/ folder

3) rename the default file km-0409.ini (sudo mv km-0409.ini km-0409-backup.ini 

4) cp your downloaded keyboard file to the default name (I sudo cp km-0414.ini km-0409.ini) 

5) change the rigths (sudo chmod xrdp:xrdp km-0409.ini) and you should be done